Diwali Greetings:

18.10.2017: CS alongwith CP , FS, ACS(F),ACS(G.D)and other  comrades met CGMT AP ,PGM CM,Sr.GM Fin.and GM(HR) and conveyed Diwali greetings. And also i convey Diwali greetings to all the members of the association and all BSNL employees and their families.

Lunch hour Demonstration:

16.10.2017: Successfully conducted lunch hour demonstration on 16.10.2017 at circle and SSA HQ as part of agitation program call given by CHQ with active support of all unions/associations for implementation of 3rd PRC to BSNL Employees and in protest to creation of subsidiary tower company.Thanks to one and all for their active support.All are once again requested to participate in large scale and 100% in” Human chain” program on 16.11.2017 to show our strength and unity to get resolved the burning issues. 

12-10-2017: All circle office bears&DPs and DSs are requested to conduct lunch hour demonstrations at circle and all SSA H.Q on 16-10-2017 under agitation  program as per CHQ call with the support of all unions/associations for demanding 3rd PRC implementation to BSNL.

5-10-2017: Demonstrations at lunch hour were successfully conducted at circle and SSA head quarters on 4-10-17 under the leadership of all office bearers and DSs&DPs with the active support of all unions/associations for implementation of 3rd PRC in BSNL.Thanks to one and all for their active support.

Lunch hour/closing hour demonstrations for 3rd PRC

3.10.2017: All DSs&DPs are requested to make lunch hour and closing hour demonstrations at all SSA HQ on 4-10-2017 with all members and all BSNL employees for demanding implementation of 3rd PRC with 15% fitment to BSNL employees.

BSNL Formation day celebrations

3.10.2017: Greetings to all employees of BSNL on the occasion of BSNL formation day celebrations from 1.10.17. BSNL is felicitating the oldest customers in three segments land line,broad band and cm with shawl and gift of Rs.5000/- in each segment on this occasion.