10:08:2014:-Comrades, AIBSNLEA since beginning had been trying to unite all the executives of BSNL and making all efforts in this direction. In fact AIBSNLEA was formed by the unification of ten cadre based associations of DoT and at that time only one association remained outside as the leaders of that association were of the view that they will be losing their leadership and their prominence. In fact it was told that they can take the mantle of leadership, but they were not prepared to face the ballot as they were likely to lose in the ballot of unified executive association.

The benefit of unity of all the executives is not only useful to the executives of BSNL,but also to the organization as it is a fact that  one of the  association is working against the interests of general executives ,but pose as if they only are the saviors of executives as well as that of the company. We have seen that it is because of the unity that we got our Time bound up gradation policy approved by the board, of course only after AIBSNLEA took up the issue seriously. We got our transfer policy declared by BSNL after united approach only. We got the MSRRs publicized only after our united approach which started its journey from Hyderabad. We got diversion of MT posts to the extent of 25% because of our united approach only. More than anything else it was because of the UNITY only we got 30% weightage during implementation of 2nd PRC and we got it extended to non –executives also because we were united. These are only few illustrations. Hence UNITY among executives is a historic necessity for the career growth of executives of BSNL and even for the viability of BSNL.

          Some people may question how viability is dependent on the UNITY of executives? Comrades, when we become united our approach will be more towards the issues concerned to the company ,because management is bound to accept our suggestions with respect to the career progression of executives. Different opinions will not be aired out as decisions on any issue will be after lot of deliberations within the unified association.

         Hence unification of all the executives is a desired fact in the interest of the company and that of the executives.

        With the above in view AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA joined hands for the betterment executives of all the class of BSNL and that of viability.

        In recent days one of the executives associations is yawning about the UNITY among executives and acting just contrary to the UNITY. It is a curse on all of us that there are still innocent people listening to such words. It was that association which tried to demotivate one particular group of executives by calling for agitation when others are already on agitation and seeking for support. The only reason what we could understand is that, they were not interested in the welfare of the executives, but wanted to pretend that they are also fighting for the cause of executives, else all the members will flee.Comrades,is it justified?.The same association is now talking of UNITY. Was it not the leaders of the same association who engineered split in TESA, which was functioning very well? Is it not a fact that these so called leaders failed to dislodge the leadership of TESA and hence chosen a path of breaking the UNITY of executives of association, and the same set of leaders who have broken the UNITY of executives for their gains are talking of UNITY of executives now as referendum is coming.

Comrades, it is for the ordinary executive to think of the career prospectus of executives and the leadership seems more inclined on other issues. Comrades ARISE AND AWAKE. Keep all such elements far away. Already UNITY of executives started with the JOINT DECLARATION of AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA.Comrades, strengthen the executives by strengthening AIBSNLEA.Else we may have to repent later as we are repenting for getting non-standard pay scales of E1A, E2A, courtesy an association which is talking about standard pay scales to executives and unity of executives NOW.

COMRADES, it’s the right time for coming together of all the executives of BSNL AND exhibit UNITY under the banner of AIBSNLEA, the MOUTH PIECE of executives of BSNL.







8-8-2014:-Comrades,finally the CAT is out of bag and one of the association has openly accepted the misdeeds that it made during the earlier days of formation of BSNL,boasting that it is those people who could get the pay scales to executives of BSNL,i.e.E1A,E2A etc,.We sincerely thank and appreciate them for having brought out the truth and accepting the grave injustice committed to the executives of BSNL by accepting the pay scales of E1A and E2A to JTOs , SDEs and other equivalent cadres during the days of declaration of pay scales to the executives of BSNL by the board.

            The news that hither to murmured was that ,it is that association which had brought the fate of accepting non-standard pay scales and committing a grave injustice to all the executives of BSNL by getting one stage lower to that of our counter part MTNL,was proved beyond doubt that it is the creation of that particular association.Any body can remember that all the other associations were shouting on their roof tops,not to accept the pay scales offered by board as they were one stage less,but this so called association conveniently had an understanding or collided with the administration and sacrificed the interests of the executives for getting a cheap popularity and now that the same association is shedding crocodile tears and poses that it is fighting for getting standardized pay scales to executives.Can any sane executive believe this,?

                  At that time of negotiating pay scales,the position of BSNL financially was very good and was in a position to give E2 and above pay scales to BSNL executives.The reason that was told to all the innocent executives of BSNL was that BSNL employees are getting pension from Government while MTNL staff is getting pension from company.Comrades,there is no difference in money value whether it is paid by MTNL or Govt.What is now latest is that even for MTNL staff the pension is paid by Govt and naturally all the executives of BSNL are pushed down by one grade by an  association which boasts that the pay scales are brought by them.

               This is a fire lit by them and any amount of water sprayed over that fire is of minimum use at present and there is no other go to all of us to again agitate for the legitimate cause of E2 scale and above to BSNL executives .But Comrades beware.This time we may have to keep them far away as other wise there is again a possibility of settling for less and repent later.


.Comrades,there is a saying.You can fool a person for lifelong or all persons for a short while.But you cannot fool all the persons for all the times

 26-04-2014:-Dear comrades, we have been thinking to add more features to our website ,so that we will be able to communicate better with all of you and our views on any of the subject also can be shared with all of you.This is the actual reason to have an exclusive editorial vertical on our website.The views that are published on this editorial vertical are the views of the association which have come from the feed back of all our comrades.hence it is to bring to your kind notice that our viewers are going to play a vital role in formulating the views and expressing the same to all of the comrades.You may please interact frequently

Thank you,

Comradely yours’