11.12.2017 Strike Call given by All Unions and Associations of BSNL                  Today all General Secretaries met and decided to strengthen the two day strike call on 12th and 13thDecember 2017 and appealed all executives and non-executives of BSNL to 100% implement the strike call.

 All the CHQ Office Bearers, Circle Secretaries and District Secretaries are requested to ensure 100% success of the strike call on the appeal of All Unions and Associations of BSNL.

08.12.2017: All leaders of all unions and associations met and submitted memorandum to Sri Kesineni Srinivas (Nani) Honorable MP Vijayawada for support in favour of 3rd PRC implementation to all BSNL employees with 15% fitment w.e.f. 01.01.2017 and in protest against formation of tower subsidiary company. 

06.12.2017: All CPs,DSs and circle office bearers are requested to take initiation to conduct their district conferences and elect new office bearers where ever due.All DSs and FS are requested to open joint accounts for all districts for subscription fund transfer.We have to plan for conduction of circle executive committee meeting shortly.So before CEC all Elections are to be completed.

04.12.17: All the members are requested to participate in General Strike for two days on 12th & 13th Dec’17 as per CHQ call in coordination with all the Unions & Associations . The Posters are herewith attached in TELUGU/ENGLISH and to be displayed in all SSAs.<<<<BSNLSTRIKE POSTER TELUGU >>> <<<BSNLSTRIKE POSTER ENGLISH>>>

03.12.17: CS AP Circle attended the Central Office bearers meeting at Jaipur on 1st & 2nd Dec’17.The meeting was held with all CHQ office bearers, CPs ,CSs Advisers & Consultants.The GS Sri Prahlad Rai addressed the meeting and discussed all the important issues of 3rd PRC with 15% fitment ,CPCs for Promotions of all cadres in all disciplines which are pending for long time due to different court cases and implementation of cadre hierarchy as per the Khan Committee report.

        For implementation of 3rd PRC and opposing Tower Subsidiary Company  and settlement of pending 2nd PRC HR issues  discussed thoroughly with all the leaders of all unions & Associations in a grand manner. And also it is decided to make two days General Strike  on 12th & 13th Dec’17 with 100% participation of all the BSNL employees as part of agitation program to implement 3rd PRC to BSNL employees.

30.11.17: AIBSNLEA AP Circle extended hearty greetings to our beloved General Secretary Sri Prahladh Rai DGM,CO-ND for his retirement on superannuation.The retirement function was conducted in a grand manner in the O/o CGMT ,Jaipur.Almost all  the CHQ office bearers including all CPs & CSs,advisers and Consultants.

23.11.2017: The “Human Chain” Program has been conducted in a grand success manner by all most all the members of all unions and associations with most enthusiasm as part of agitation program for implementation of 3rd PRC to BSNL employees. Congratulations to all the participants for making the Human Chain program a grand success. 

21.11.2017: I congratulate the circle office members for their active unity since they have conducted first general body meeting and formed circle office branch of AIBSNLEA.Sri.M.Veeranjaneyulu CP , Sri.A.Koteswara Rao CS,Sri.J.G.Patnaik ACS (GD) and Sri.L.Rajan Babu ACS (Fin) attended the meeting.They have unanimously elected the office bearers for the newly formed circle office branch. Sri. V.Pardha Saradhi AO as president,Bh.Siva Ramkumar SDE as Secretary and Smt.Y.Anuradha JAO as Finance Secretary. 

18.11.2017: CS and FS attended the District Conference of KURNOOL SSA on 09.11.2017 and addressed the gathering .The meeting was conducted in a grand manner and Sri.P.S.John GMTD Kurnool also attended and addressed the gathering.  Sri Vinod Kumar AO was elected as  District president ,Sri Sasheel Kumar Reddy SDE was elected as District Secretary and Sri M.Kalyan Chakravarthy  AO was elected as Finance secretary. Congratulations to the  newly elected office bearers and their efforts were appreciated for enrollment of new members.

15.11.2017: The date of human chain is changed with a view to facilitate more mobilization .As per decision taken by all unions and associations the HUMAN CHAIN will be conducted on 23.11.2017 at lunch hour. 

14.11.2017: All Dps and DSs are requested to coordinate with all the members to participate 100% in Human chain on 16.11.2017 in lunch hour as part of agitation program with active support of all unions and associations for implementation of 3rd PRC to BSNL Employees.


All DS and FS are requested to open New joint bank accounts immediately  and mail the details to Circle Finance Secretary Com .Ch Vidya Sagar, Mob No:996009686 ,e-mail id:sagarca09@gmail.com

Diwali Greetings:

18.10.2017: CS alongwith CP , FS, ACS(F),ACS(G.D)and other  comrades met CGMT AP ,PGM CM,Sr.GM Fin.and GM(HR) and conveyed Diwali greetings. And also i convey Diwali greetings to all the members of the association and all BSNL employees and their families.

Lunch hour Demonstration:

16.10.2017: Successfully conducted lunch hour demonstration on 16.10.2017 at circle and SSA HQ as part of agitation program call given by CHQ with active support of all unions/associations for implementation of 3rd PRC to BSNL Employees and in protest to creation of subsidiary tower company.Thanks to one and all for their active support.All are once again requested to participate in large scale and 100% in” Human chain” program on 16.11.2017 to show our strength and unity to get resolved the burning issues. 

12-10-2017: All circle office bears&DPs and DSs are requested to conduct lunch hour demonstrations at circle and all SSA H.Q on 16-10-2017 under agitation  program as per CHQ call with the support of all unions/associations for demanding 3rd PRC implementation to BSNL.

5-10-2017: Demonstrations at lunch hour were successfully conducted at circle and SSA head quarters on 4-10-17 under the leadership of all office bearers and DSs&DPs with the active support of all unions/associations for implementation of 3rd PRC in BSNL.Thanks to one and all for their active support.

Lunch hour/closing hour demonstrations for 3rd PRC

3.10.2017: All DSs&DPs are requested to make lunch hour and closing hour demonstrations at all SSA HQ on 4-10-2017 with all members and all BSNL employees for demanding implementation of 3rd PRC with 15% fitment to BSNL employees.

BSNL Formation day celebrations

3.10.2017: Greetings to all employees of BSNL on the occasion of BSNL formation day celebrations from 1.10.17. BSNL is felicitating the oldest customers in three segments land line,broad band and cm with shawl and gift of Rs.5000/- in each segment on this occasion.